To become the organization of choice for training and developing today’s youth into tomorrow’s... Read More

BIZWHIZZ.ORG continues to develop relationships with local church congregations... Read More

The most recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that the number of students graduating from high school is increasing; yet, the number of students enrolling in college has continued to decline for the last 4 years.  For those students who choose not to pursue formal... Read More

The Opportunity

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there were approximately 15 million... Read More

The Solution

Students who do not attend college should be exposed to alternative career paths that will afford them opportunities to live fully productive... Read More

The Video

For an insightful overview of BizWhizz.ORG and our mission please watch the adjacent video.

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The Curriculum

Our Curriculum provides insight into the business cycle from Business Plan development through business launch and financial reporting.

Curriculum Insights

Through weekly Entrepreneurial Development Sessions, BIZWHIZZ.ORG will introduce interested students to multiple Modules that will provide participants with an overview of the steps needed to establish, operate, and grow a business...

The Entrepreneurship Curriculum’s approach and philosophy for developing entrepreneur’s provides a broad understanding business management fundamentals early on. By exposing the students to the fundamentals we hope to provide a foundation to begin to build an understanding of business that piques their interest to the point of further exploration of business management and Entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurship Curriculum and App is offered free of charge to the sponsoring organization and students.  The Entrepreneurship Curriculum is offered to cohorts with a minimum of 10 students and 1 group leader.  The group... Read More

The Athlete’s Market

Through our “Athlete’s Market” program, we will work with students at local... Read More

Solomon’s Corner

Solomon was the wealthiest and wisest  King of Israel.  The wealth of Israel grew as Solomon... Read More

The Agora

Agora – the central spot in ancient Greek city-states whose literal meaning is “gathering place... Read More

The Launch Kit

To position the students to hit the ground running each cohort of students will be provided with... Read More

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